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2018 News Releases

How Will the Winds of Climate Change
 Affect Migratory Birds? December 10, 2018
New study finds both positive and negative impacts possible  

Tip Sheet: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Director Responds to Administration Efforts to Change Land-Use Plans in Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat, December 6, 2018

New-Generation Maps Light Up Information on Birds, December 4, 2018
Powered by Data from Citizen Science and Satellites 

Holiday Gifts For the Bird Watcher On Your List, November 29, 2018
Items support bird research, education, and conservation programs

Among Birds-of-Paradise, Good Looks Are Not Enough to Win a Mate
, November 20, 2018
Study suggests key physical traits & behaviors evolved in tandem

What Did Birds & Insects Do 
During the 2017 Solar Eclipse? November 14, 2018
Radar study finds less activity during the event   

Get the Picture for the BirdSpotter Photo Contest, November 12, 2018
Anyone can enter photos of birds at feeders to win prizes   

Discovery: Rare Three-Species Hybrid Warbler, November 7, 2018
Declining population of one species may play a role 

Tip Sheet: A planet unsuitable for wildlife is a planet unfit for people, October 31, 2018
The Lab's Senior Conservation Science Director, Amanda Rodewald, weighs in

Help FeederWatch Survey the Health & Behavior of Backyard Birds, October 30, 2018
New season begins November 10   

Study Finds Mountain Birds Are on an Escalator to Extinction, October 29, 2018
Warming temperatures are forcing an upward shift

"The Wall of Birds": Dazzling New Book
 Highlights Art & Eons of Bird Evolution, October 16, 2018
Cornell Lab Visitor Center mural in hand-held form 

Displaced Seabirds, Songbird Mass Migration Expected in Hurricane Michael’s Wake, October 9, 2018 

Robots, Telemetry, and the Sex Lives of Wild Birds, October 9, 2018
Paul C. Mundinger Distinguished Lectureship slated for October 15    

More Than 4 Billion Birds Stream Overhead During Fall Migration, Sept. 17, 2018
Scientists use radar to shed light on the massive numbers of migrating birds and how many may not return      

Creating a Continental Bird Migration Forecast, September 13, 2018
Researchers predict the movements of millions of birds across the United States 

Come to the Migration Celebration on September 15, September 5, 2018
Free annual event at the Cornell Lab includes activities and fun for all ages 

Special Screening of Elephant Path/Njaia Njoku, July 25, 2018 
Documentary has ties to Ithaca 

Crows vs. Ravens: A Numbers Game, July 5, 2018 

Study finds crow mobbing is a key strategy against a bigger bird

School Garden Grant Program Earns High Honors, June 5, 2018

Cornell Lab of Ornithology program recognized with Halo Award

Live: Watch Endangered Wild California Condor Chick, May 31, 2018
Cornell Lab Bird Cams site provides a unique view of endangered species 

Global Big Day Birders Tally A Record 6,906 Species, May 11, 2018
Celebration of birds draws record number of participants for one-day count 

There's a Bird Nest Where? That's Funky! May 10, 2018

Send in your funny, funky nests for this quirky contest 

New Research Unveils Bird Migration Strategies, May 8, 2018
Combining weather radar and human observations yields greater insight 

The Case for Hope: Educating as if Survival Matters, May 2, 2018
Teachers urged to include sustainability in curricula 

Global Big Day: Help Find the World's Birds in 24 Hours, April 24, 2018
Join the quest on May 5 to tally birds for science and conservation   

Smooth Dance Moves Confirm New Bird-of-Paradise Species, April 17, 2018

Rare video highlights unique behavior and sounds 

Report Bird Nests to NestWatch—There’s an App for That! April 12, 2018
Participate in citizen science online or on your smartphone 

Bird of Prey Documents Efforts to Save a Spectacular Species, April 10, 2018
First Ithaca screening of film coming up on April 15

New Maps Forecast Bird Migration Using Radar, April 5, 2018
Maps show migration in near real-time and predict bird movements, days ahead  

Study: Climate Change Could Impact
 Critical Food Supplies for Migratory Birds, April 4, 2018
Scientists model what extreme climate could mean for future migrants

Beauty and the Beak Wins AAAS/Subaru Prize
 for Excellence in Science Books, March 1, 2018
Bald Eagle receives 3D-printed beak in inspiring children's book

Online Game Remixes the Sounds of Nature to Create Beats That Are Truly Wild, February 20, 2018
Scientists team up with wildlife DJ and hip hop archivists on "BeastBox"

Brainpower Wins Over Brawn When Male Hummingbirds Display for Mates, February 8, 2018
When animals compete over mates, it's often a showy affair. But for a Costa Rican hummingbird, it's mental prowess that counts

Join a Global Bird Count for The Year of the Bird, February 7, 2018
The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place worldwide, February 16 to 19

Bring the Wonder of Nature into the Classroom
with the Revised Feathered Friends Curriculum, Feb. 5, 2018
Teachers receive a free bird feeder to support science lessons  

ZEISS and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Continue Partnership, February 1, 2018
Sponsorship includes the Young Birders Event, now it its 10th year 

2018 Is the Year of the Bird, January 5, 2018
Year-long campaign focuses on celebrating and protecting birds



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