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We use science to understand the world, to find new ways to make conservation work, and to involve people who share our passion.

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Macaulay Library

Collecting, archiving, and distributing wildlife media since 1929.

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Global tools for birders, critical data for science.

Bird Academy

Bird Academy

Learn everything from birding basics to comprehensive ornithology.

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Join Project FeederWatch

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Enjoy counting birds this winter and help scientists understand more about bird populations across North America.
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Have You Read Our November eNews?

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Become an eBird whiz; get ready to welcome Evening Grosbeaks; meet a young birder with big dreams; a black-and-blue mystery bird; 2019 bird-a-day calendars; and more.
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Take the November eBird Challenge

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Submit 30 or more eligible checklists using eBird Mobile in November, and you could win a pair of Zeiss Conquest HD 8×42 binoculars.
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Win Free Access to Bird Academy Course

Monday, November 05, 2018

Every eligible eBird checklist that you submit in November gives you a chance to win free access to Bird Academy's course Be a Better Birder: Hawk & Raptor Identification.
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Year of the Bird: November

Sunday, November 04, 2018

November's Year of the Bird action, is "Share Your Shot." Consider sharing your bird photos so others can enjoy and learn. The Macaulay Library archive is a great place to share images.
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Get Ready for Winter Finches

Saturday, November 03, 2018

A poor summer for conifer seeds in eastern Canada means Evening Grosbeaks, Red-breasted Nuthatches, Purple Finches, and Pine Siskins may be headed for feeders in eastern North America.
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Free Access: Birds of North America

Friday, November 02, 2018

Birds of North America is offering free access to the Saltmarsh Sparrow account through November—learn about this charming and secretive tidal-marsh specialist that lives on the edge in more ways than one.
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Wall of Birds book

Thursday, November 01, 2018

The massive mural in our visitor center is now a gorgeous book. Artist Jane Kim and Thayer Walker tell the story of the remarkable 375-million-year evolutionary journey of birds.
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Fanastic Journeys of Shorebirds

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Those little, unassuming shorebirds that run around beaches may be easy to overlook, but these birds are marathon champions among migratory animals
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Upcoming Bird Festivals and Events

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Our Upcoming Bird Festivals and Events webpage can help plan your next birding trip. Look through listings by calendar or on a map, and start planning your road trip right from the page.
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